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In 2017 a distribution check was delivered to all investors following receipt of a $1,000,000 partial payment from the obligor under the single remaining asset of G REIT, a promissory note in the principal amount of $12,000,000 (the “Note”). Though the Trustees initially anticipated issuing additional partial distribution payments, it has been determined that a single final distribution will be made upon repayment of the balance due under the Note.

To address anticipated questions and in order to provide important information to investors, please see below:

A final distribution will be issued once the full amount due on the Note is collected. At this time, the final distribution date is undetermined. We will continue to update the GREIT website with information as it becomes available.

Q:        What assets does G REIT still own?

A:         A single promissory note in the principal amount of $12,000,000. The Note is earning interest at a rate of 5% and the obligor under the Note has paid fees to the G REIT in order to extend the Note maturity date.

Q:        Why were the additional partial distributions not made?

A:         Given the successful cooperation between investors and our transfer agent, Computershare, we believe that our investor contact information is now significantly more current and accurate. There is significant administrative expense associated with issuing a partial distribution and the Trustees have determined that a single distribution will reduce expenses and increase the amount ultimately distributed to investors.

Q:        Was my Unit balance affected by the 2017 distribution?

A:         No. Your investment interest remained unchanged throughout the distribution process.

Q:        What is the current per Unit value?

A:         As in 2017, the per Unit value remains $0.23

Q:        How was the current Unit value determined?

A:         The value of the Note, less estimated expenses, divided by total outstanding Units.

Q:        Why did the value of Units drop from $0.26 to $0.23 in 2017?

A:         The G REIT has been able to more accurately calculate the total expenses that will be incurred in relation to final liquidation and dissolution.

Q:        Why are Units valued at $0.23 rather than a higher amount?

A:         Over the life of the G REIT assets have been liquidated and distributions have been made, reducing the current value of each Unit.

Q:         Will I receive a final financial / account statement upon dissolution of the G REIT?

A:         Yes. An account statement will be mailed to each investor with the final distribution payment.

Q:        I did not receive a distribution check in 2017. What should I do?

A:         If you did not receive a distribution check on or before September 15, 2017, you can update your contact information and request that a check be reissued. Please mail all reissue requests to GREIT Liquidating Trust ATTN: REISSUE at P.O. BOX 951, Carlsbad, CA 92018.


In order to most efficiently manage the upcoming final liquidation, the Trustees have elected to engage Computershare, a leading independent transfer agent, to process all G REIT investor registrations, transfers and distributions. All inquiries regarding registrations, transfers and distributions can be directed to Computershare as follows:

Telephone Inquiries:

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1-800-368-5948 (U.S.)
1-781-575-4223 (non-U.S.)

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Attn: Alternative Investment Operations

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